Feeding The Need Program

 Lamb of God Foodbank is where the people of God can recieve food in their time of need.



Holiness Ministries Coalition Feed the Need Program is a non profit organization that provides food for all food insecure families.There are more than 40.6 million food insecure families in our nation and of that number 15 million  are children.We here at HMC take pride in helping feed the need in our communities.Lamb of God Food Bank is located in the city of Vista and serving the communities of North San Diego county. Our goal is to ultimately meet the need in our great nation by ending hunger by 2030.To achive our goal we need your financial support to increase resources to feed the need. Your support will help us to get a larger facility and pay for gas, vehicle repairs and energy bills. Visit us on our facebook page at Lamb of God food Pantry, and our website @ www.holinessministriescoalition.org  your support will help us to continue serving our military families,veteran,elderly,children and all who are in need of food. Please donate now to help bring a smile to the face of a family.


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